We are wedding photographer based in Bali, Indonesia specialised in engagement and wedding photography. Our company’s name is Alieya Photography founded in 2007 by Jay Waisnajaya.

We prefer to shot in natural available light but are able to work with artificial light as well.  We are able to direct poses especially on engagement sessions while always aware for client’s natural expressions which might emerge anytime at location. Our goal is to show beauty, grace, strength and enthusiasm of people. we focus on non-models and place regular people in engagement situations that highlight an aspect of who they are.

Team Members

Meet our team members and a short description about them. We have two main photographers (Jay Waisnajaya & Septiadi Kurniawan) that can be selected by clients with different price or budget. little informations about them sometimes could be useful for clients.

Jay Waisnajaya
  • Jay Waisnajaya

  • Founder | Photographer
  • He is the most senior photographer at alieya photography. Born in 1977, interested with camera since he was a little boy, more than 10 years of experience in wedding photography.
Septiadi Kurniawan A.K.A GodeL
  • Septiadi Kurniawan A.K.A GodeL

  • Photographer
  • He is young, creative and talented photographer. Born in 1993, graduated and got Photography Degree from Indonesian Institute of the Art College Denpasar
Adi Purnama Yasa
  • Adi Purnama Yasa

  • Photographer (2nd Shooter)
  • his passion is portrait and jurnalism photography, Born in 1994, graduated and got photography degree from Indonesian Institute of the Art College Denpasar
Putu Budi Maryadi A.K.A Seprit
  • Putu Budi Maryadi A.K.A Seprit

  • Film Maker
  • creative Film Maker, born in 1994, Graduated from indonesia Institute Of The Art collage Denpasar

We hope above informations could be useful for those who interested to book our photography services. Please find our Contact Form on Contact Us Menu and kindly drop a message for enquiry. Thank you for visiting our website.


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